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GHB or sometimes called Liquid E or Liquid G.Is popular at raves and partys because many
users compare its effects to that of ecstasy

Most users find that GHB induces a pleasant state of relaxation and tranquility.  In fact many users report feeling particularly
refreshed even energized the next day The effects of GHB can generally be
felt within five to twenty minutes after ingestion They usually last no more than
one and a half to three hours although they can be indefinitely prolonged through
repeated dosing The effects of GHB are very dose dependent Higher levels feature
greater giddiness silliness and interference with mobility and verbal coherence
and maybe even dizziness Even higher doses usually induce sleep.

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 Determining the ideal dose is probably the trickiest aspect of working with GHB
The amount required for a given level of effect will vary from person to person
and the dose response curve is fairly steep Overestimating the dose can have
consequences ranging in seriousness from ruining your plans for the evening to
waking up in the emergency ward as a result of panic on the part of concerned
but uninformed friends or relative. Once you have found the levels that give you
the effects you desire they will remain consistent Tolerance to GHB does not
develop However recent not current alcohol consumption may decrease the
effect of a given dose of GHB Most people find that a dose in the range of
0.75 /1.5 grams is suitable for prosexual purposes and that a quantity in the range
of 2.5 grams is sufficient to force sleep.

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-This is the good stuff
-Mind Blowing Stealth
-High Viscosity
-Great combo for anything party rave related
Shake it before you dose from it.
Otherwise the contents *can* settle,
meaning the top quarter is less potent than the bottom quarter.
-Please use responsibly
Do not mix with alcohol, benzenes, opiates, or any other depressants (downers).
Risk of overdose is very high when mixed.

Dosage Guide
Beginners: 3ml first, then 2.5ml every 2 hrs
Experienced: 3.5ml, 3ml every 2 hrs
When you have just eaten the effect can be less.
Also the effect depends on your bodyweight
so if you are a light person be careful out with this stuff!
When you are a heavy person you can take some more.