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Buy 5F MDMB 2201 online

Buy 5F MDMB 2201 online: MMB-2201 (otherwise called 5F-MMB-PICA, 5F-AMB-PICA, and I-AMB) is an intense indole-3-carboxamide based manufactured cannabinoid, which has been sold as a designer drug and as a functioning fixing in engineered cannabis blends. It was first identified in Russia and Belarus in January 2014, however has since been sold in various different nations. In the United States, MMB-2201 was distinguished in Drug Enforcement Agency sedate seizures without precedent for 2018.

MMB-2201 is the indole center simple of 5F-AMB. Engineered cannabinoid mixes with an indole-3-carboxamide or indazole-3-carboxamide center bearing a N-1-methoxycarbonyl bunch with appended isopropyl or tert-butyl substituent, have demonstrated to be substantially more perilous than more seasoned manufactured cannabinoid mixes recently revealed, and have been connected to numerous passings in Russia, Japan, Europe and the United States

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