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Buy Duplo  4-FMP Online

4fmp (4-Fluoromethamphetamine) or also known as XTC light is a stimulant with similar effects to XTC.Duplo  4-FMP is a very premium drug only offered by The Stealth Team at this moment in time due to production resources being hard to get your hands on.

When it comes to dosage, 4-FA / 4fmp cannot be ‘stacked’ like ecstasy throughout the night. Recommended dosage for the night is about 100-150.
Users of Duplo 4-FMP / 4-FA / 4FM XTC describe it as an ‘ecstasy light’, it gets you in the mood but doesn’t get you floored or mind fucked. This is why many people LOVE this drug. Also the after dip is less ac-curing.