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Buy Pure Speed  Powder

Pure Speed Powder with a strong distinctive amphetamine smell. Described by many of our customers as the strongest they ever had.The lab have tested our speed on an amazing 74%. This is the highest purity speed can have. No other substances or adulterants were found.

Speed also known as amphetamine, was first discovered by the Romanian chemist Lazăr Edeleanu. It was used for a number of things in the medical world and even by the military as a wonder drug for the soldiers in combat. It is still used today for people with ADHD to help them concentrate but is widely used as a recreational drug as well. Amphetamine is a agonist which means that it makes the body release chemicals like adrenaline causing a sharp and awoke feeling.

The speed has a thick paste like structure and is white of color. Because it is paste the quantities are physically larger then dried out speed.Buy Pure Speed  Powder Online